About Margie Hyde

BHSc (Nutritional Medicine)

Margie Hyde – BHSc (Nutritional Medicine)

Margie holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine plus qualifications in Reiki healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping), Matrix Re-imprinting therapy, Australian Bush Flower essences and a special interest in genetic causes of disease, exploring how our DNA can cause illness through poor diet, toxins, and stress and lifestyle choices. Margie also enjoys exploring all aspects of gut health and the links to mental illness, disease prevention, reducing side effects of prescription medications and providing supportive nutrition and realistic treatment plans with a ‘Food as Medicine’ approach for men, women and children. The use of targeted, high quality ‘practitioner only’ supplements is included if deficiency is apparent.  Pathology testing can be referred to determine supplementation requirements.  Integrative collaboration with an individual’s medical practitioner can be utilised for a safe effective treatment approach in cases of disease and ill health.

Margie is also Ballarat and district’s only licensed Ultra Lite practitioner, a professional weight and health management program based on ketogenic dietary principles using whole foods, education and weekly support in reducing and maintaining weight for individuals or couples. The use of Japanese technology Bio-Impedance metabolic Tanita scales analyses detailed aspects of metabolism that can determine cardiovascular risk. Parameters such as fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, BMi, cellular hydration, protein requirement, visceral fat levels and metabolic age as compared with the client’s actual age can be assessed with the Tanita scales. *Health Fund rebates apply to 5 and 10 week programs

“Knowing that health is our body’s natural state and ill-health is a result of the way we live, the toxins we encounter and the quality of food we put into our system, I believe it is by supporting and improving health that we will reduce disease.”

I find it easy to build rapport with people of all ages.  I have a fun approach to life, laughing, having a good sense of humour and not taking myself too seriously is one reason why people enjoy their visits with me, it’s always relaxed and fun, with compassion and warmth and I like to reduce the overwhelm that comes with a lot of intricate areas of our health by relating, having gone through plenty of my own health challenges in the past. Also helping people find happiness again is a huge area of interest, with so many anti-depressants being prescribed lately it makes sense to offer alternatives, with advances in DNA testing offering risk prevention strategies such as better food and essential nutrients, supplements, exercise prescription, chiropractic care, massage, yoga and meditation all helping to make the sun shine again in people’s lives. And, of course, helping people to understand the complexities of what to eat these days for maintaining a healthy weight.”

Consulting as ‘Catalyst Nutrition’  at the Catalyst Health & Wellness Group 602 Barkly Street, Ballarat, and by appointment at Tin Box Fitness in Beaufort Mondays and Fridays

The treatment aim is to get you to a point where being healthy becomes second nature, educating you about what your body requires to keep you vital.  Using your body’s innate, built-in, cellular ability to do what it’s meant to do, be healthy!  It’s not about anyone else or what you’ve googled or heard secondhand, it’s about targeted nutrition, individual prescription and education just for you!

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